Shop | By Mölle



I found this great shop, which I want to share with you. By Mölle is a Dutch Company found by the sisters Eveline and Marianne Maat. They sell beautifull handmade interior textile, like pillows, throws and table covers. The most important aspect of this company is the way the products are manufactured. All used materials are natural, plain and unprocessed. For example, the wool is from well cared sheep, kept in Sweden. And the plaids are made from old recycled jeans. The products are made by real craftsman, with passion, love and commitment. Which I think is a very pleasant idea, by buying these items. Here are some of my favorite products..

1. Linen Pillow €49,- / 2. Jacob plaid blue €199,- / 3. Table cloth denim €99,95 / 4. Chunky denim plaid €129,- / 5. Denim plaid soft blue €99,95 / 6. Block pillow sand €69,-.