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Get inspired by this colorful, free spirit and eclectic home of Trish Bygott, Nathan Crotty and their family in Fremantle, WA.
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Deco | Indoor Jungle


favorite plants

Lately I’m obsessed with buying plants for my home. It makes a room so much more fresh and alive. I’ve selected a few of my favorites which are also really easy to care for.

Shop | House Doctor


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I love Scandinavian design. In particularly the vintage Danish design produced in the fifties/sixties last century. What I also love are the great Scandinavian Brands of today, House Doctor is one of my favorites. Today I’ll show you some inspiration of their latest collection ‘Moments 2014′.

‘House Doctor welcomes you into a world of contrasts, of light and darkness, decadence and minimalism. Moments 2014 celebrates the beauty of imperfection zooming in on the essence of print, expression and design. Enjoy perfect Imperfections’.
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Home | Old Dutch village monument


vt_bk_10-2011_gemonde_dorpsmonument_01I am (you can say obsessed) with interior styling, furniture, lovely homes and everything about it. I think it’s very interesting to see how people live and decorate their home in their own personal way. Someones interior says so much about their taste and reflects often their personality. This home is located in Gemonde, which is in the southern Dutch department called Noord-Brabant. It’s an old village monument, build in 1863.  continue reading