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9000-9957666-f_w_Egg_WRK_6000_jpgSometimes great things are so simple. Why has no one thought of this before?
Sarah Schneider and Demetri Makoulis founders of the Eggshop, couldn’t believe that a restaurant dedicated to the art of an egg sandwich didn’t excist. So they began their mission to change that. The Eggshop was born, where they serve eggs around the clock.

The interior was designed by Brooklyn based company called WRK Design. The owners wanted to keep the restaurant clean, modern, warm and friendly that focused on the food. And see here the result. Great spot for having breakfast, brunch or just a excuse to eat eggs anytime of the day.
9000-9957657-f_w_Egg_WRK_5966_jpg 9000-9957668-f_w_Egg_WRK_6025_jpg

EggShop_Food_2 copy EggShop_Food_4 EggShop_Food_5 notecards
Source: EggshopWRK Design