Hotspot: Moomah Cafe


2c8878eb1bebdd6f1634e4f97a081649Moomah Cafe in New York has reopened its door in 2012, it was actually a closed business but reopened again. Moomah is not an typical cafe, it’s invented especially for children and their parents. So many busy Manhattan mothers are always trying to dig up some time to meet with friends for a cup of coffee or a quick bite. Now they can.

Moomah serves up healthy breakfast and lunch items, fresh juices and fruit smoothies and excellent coffee. The food is carefully chosen, the menu is full of fresh fruit and veggies. They also serve gluten free bagels. 2153236abe4eb92178d119a6cec5c9f5


While the mothers sip away their latte, the children can take part in a handful of arts and crafts workshops. They also offer creative classes for kids in music, writing, cooking and ‘do-it-together’ art projects. Part of the inspiration behind Moomah was to give parents a way to connect, both with fellow parents and with their kids. I really love the idea of creating a community space and bringing people together.packaging 2moomah56d2308baab04eb5a428fb2bd94841713

Credits: Newyorkfamily, Examiner