Hotspot: The Grace Establishment


13Well hello The Grace Establishment. Again another well designed bar/restaurant achieved by the team of Hecker Gutrhie.


The Grace Establishment is located in Adelaide, Australia. The grace features a relaxing, stylish and modern blend of bar, restaurant and beer garden dining. They serve great looking food, prepared by Adelaide’s culinary superstars, Lachlan Colwill and Emma Shearer. 
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What I love about this interior design is the combination of colors and materials they used. The color palette of black, white and mint is really strong and is working together really well. The space has something sweet, probably because of the green mint chairs who are taking a lot of attention. But the space is also daring and cool, because of the industrial elements like the lamps and metal stools. Mixed up with fresh herbs and plants, this space has an relaxing and casual vibe. Perfect for dinner or having cocktails at the bar with your friends or colleagues after work.
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Source; The Grace Establishment, Heckers Gutrhie