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Vino Veritas is a mix of two worlds, brought together and based in Oslo, Norway. On the one hand there is The Sanchez Vizcaino family, who started there family business in 1998, developing and offering organic wines. The Cortijo El Cura winery, which has since gained popularity, lies within the Sierra Nevada National Park, close to the Mediterranean city of Almería in AndalusiaSpain’s southernmost region.

On the other hand there is the Norwegian capital Oslo and it’s restaurant scene where they now host Vino Veritas, an eco gastrobar that combines the two distinct cultures of Norway and Spain. Vino Veritas specializes in sustainable organic wines and tapas, provided by the Sanchez winery. At first maybe a strange combination but with the help of design studio masquespacio it worked out very well.
Vino_Veritas_Fardau Vino_Veritas_Fardau Vino_Veritas_Fardau
Vino Veritas combines the clean light virtues of Norwegian interiors and the more traditional, vibrant and colorful materials found in Andalusia. The Spanish creative studio Masquespacio concentrated on highlighting the key qualities of both cultures.

With its soft, bright and uplifting interiors, Masquespacio’s design showcases natural wooden walls and ceilings painted in white, and beautiful solid oak flooring and furnishings, all quintessential components of a Norwegian aesthetic. These features are then juxtaposed against various Andalusian elements including old balcony railings, esparto grass lamps, baskets and blinds, clay tiles, plants and the bright-coloured green fabric adorning the chairs. The cushions, designed by Masquespacio, add an almost Moorish element to the space.
Vino_Veritas_Fardau Vino_Veritas_Fardau Vino_Veritas_Fardau Vino_Veritas_Fardau
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